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The Cardiff University 'AMP' Scheme – Frequently Asked Questions

What is the typical duration of a placement or internship?

There are no strict guidelines but the typical duration of a summer placement is 3 months (or 12 weeks), or for a full-year internship it is 12 months (or 48 weeks). Shorter term placements will also be considered on a case-by-case basis.

What are the agreed working hours?

The student should be treated as far as a possible as a regular member of staff, so hours should be set in accordance with what you expect other members of staff to adhere to in a full time position i.e. 35-40 hours per week.

What is the expected or recommended salary?

The student must be paid a minimum of £250 per week (37.5 hrs) in line with minimum wage requirements in the UK. Salary varies with the organisation concerned but average is £16,000 pro rata.

What is the recommended scope of the project?

The recommended scope of the project should be scaled to the capability of a typical undergraduate student with minimal prior commercial experience. The expectation is that students are employed in a challenging professional environment which will allow them to achieve success on a project and valuable work experience relevant to their chosen career path. Expectation of technical or sector specific knowledge should be outlined in the job description provided by the host employer and be assessed during the short listing and interview stage. The Cardiff University Placement Manager can provide specific guidance.

Do I have to provide a job description?

Yes, you need to provide details of the proposed role in the application form.

What are the timescales for the scheme?

  • Deadline for applying to host a placement is Friday 11th January 2013
  • Deadline for Cardiff University student applications is Friday 15th February 2013
  • Recommended shortlist and interview stage is during March / early April 2013
  • Deadline for selection of candidate is Friday 26th April 2013

What are the terms and conditions of the project?

All placements will be subject to agreed terms and conditions, details of which will be included in the host application pack.

What is the selection process?

If you have a placement in mind or would like to discuss it in more detail then please get in touch. In the first instance a job description should be created outlining the scope of the project and the person specification. A sample job description is included within the application pack. We will advertise your placement to Cardiff University students and shortlist suitable CVs - the interview and recruitment process will then be managed in partnership with you to ensure your final choice of candidate. The placee will be your employee for the duration of the placement. There is no obligation to employ the placee after the initial work placement but this could be an opportunity to see if your business could benefit permanently from employing a Cardiff University graduate.

What is the expected induction process?

It is expected the host provides suitable induction training in the first few weeks to enable students to gain an awareness of their role in the organisation.

What about Health and Safety?

The student must receive a Health and Safety briefing at the start of the placement and have access to a written Health and Safety policy. Students must understand their obligations in terms of compliance with all aspects of health and safety within the workplace.

The recognised standard for the management of health and safety for placements is the UCEA Health and Safety Guidance for the Placement of Higher Education students. All those involved in the provision on placements should become familiar with this document available at The UCEA guidance encourages a risk-based and risk management approach which allows a scalable approach when assessing placements with relatively low risks, and more rigorous control measures where the risks are greater. Where there are low risks in a particular area, no specific actions are likely to be required. Where there may be high risks attached to aspects of the placement, additional documentation, training or support may be necessary.

For more information please refer to the publications listed on the UCEA website or contact the Placement Manager.

What about Insurance?

There is an Association of British Insurers (ABI) working agreement which states that any person who is completing work experience will automatically be covered as if they are an employee. Therefore, providing the host company has Employer's Liability cover (compulsory for 90% of companies) a placement student will be considered an "employee" as per the 1969 Employer's Liability Act and will therefore be covered. This agreement depends on the University fully discharging its responsibility to undertake a suitable assessment of the placement provider. It is essential that the preliminary risk assessment is undertaken so that a reasonable degree of care can be shown to have been exercised in setting up the placement.

Any other questions?

Please contact the Project Manager Julian Blanch ( with further questions.

Please apply online to indicate your interest.


Host – organisation and/or specific individual providing the work placement.

Placement – a period of paid work experience arranged through the university with an employer to be fulfilled by a student.

Internship – a phrase that is increasingly used by large companies and typically refers to a placement within their organisation. The term internship (or intern, referring to the student) can refer to either a short term or a 12 month placement.

Placement Manager – The appointed Cardiff University Careers & Employability Service Placement & Internships manager.


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