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Cardiff Magazine Summer 2013

Cardiff University Magazine Summer 2013


Comings and goings

10 - Time abroad during study
14 - Accelerating change
16 - The University's real world impact
20 - Talking the beat
22 - Learning the lore of the land
24 - Shaping public policy in Wales
25 - A literary twist in this issue's alumni roll call

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'The Alumni Guide to Cardiff University' - What will you say?

Can you give a minute to help a new student this year? We want to create a guide with lots of graduate tips to help new students through their first few nerve-wracking weeks at University.

Whether you can suggest places to visit, ways of making friends, or how to make the pennies last a little longer, please take a moment to take part at


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Question: who was your favourite lecturer or professor at Cardiff? Is there anyone you still remember?

We asked this question on Facebook and enjoyed seeing over 150 alumni reply - our Twitter stream was active too. See replies and join the conversation on Facebook or tweet @cardiffalumni


Question - did you use your time at Cardiff to travel across Europe or work abroad, and was it worth it?

We often tell prospective students that Cardiff is a wonderful city to live and work in, and that it's also really close to London and continental Europe.

We wanted to put this to the test, so we asked our 4,000+ Facebook fans what they thought - had they used the time to travel at all, and was it worthwhile?

Read replies online

 Post from Cardiff Alumni Facebook Page

Cardiff in London

Have you booked yet? Cardiff in London: June 20, Henry's Café Bar, Covent Garden: Please tell your friends!

Cardiff in London

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Music isn't elitist

Alumna and music teacher @pianolynne says, 'We need to get rid of the idea that music education is elitist' @guardian

As @TukTukTravels replied - "Plus creativity isn't 'academic' enough to be an educational priority. Education means more than that."

From the article: 

'Lynne Phillips, piano tutor

We need to get rid of the idea that music education is elitist: There are, I'm sure, many kids who gain something out of music (or art, or sport) who don't manage as well in traditionally academic subjects. Arts, and sports, are a vital part of life, not just as an extra for 'nice middle class children' but as something that some children almost solely rely on for self-esteem, enjoyment, and a sense of progression.

Let's communicate the positive outcomes of music education, all of them: I can't speak for schools here, but believe I can speak for students and parents on this issue. It's often very difficult for young musicians to see music education as something positive unless they are "good at it" (and in many eyes but most definitely not mine, this means being ridiculously talented).

But the positive outcomes of music are so much more than just advancement through grades or competitions: confidence, self expression, self determination, autonomy, creativity, enjoyment etc. This should never be forgotten in the rush to be 'better' or 'more advanced'.'

Read online

Tweet from @cardiffalumni

Universities support Wales

Did you know? Universities in Wales contribute £3.6bn to the nation’s economy according to

From the article:

"New research shows that universities create £3.6bn every year in the Welsh economy.

Of that, £1bn of that is spent by students, according to the report commissioned by Higher Education Wales, the body which represents universities."

Tweet from @cardiffalumni


What's it like living with HIV/AIDS? and help South African teens express themselves:

Thanks to everyone who retweeted this, and to Nazia Peer (@PeerNazia) who wrote, "Reassuring to see my alma mater following South African issues. Proud to be a Cardiff graduate!"

Tweet from @cardiffalumni

Guardian rankings 2013

Have you seen? is ranked 29 in the University League Table (up from 40 last year)

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Should schools be forced to teach students about the dangers of extremism? Prof Mike Levi from Cardiff School of Social Sciences comments

 From the article:

'Counterterrorism expert Professor Michael Levi, from Cardiff University in Wales, also said that teaching about the dangers of extremism should become “part of the routine curriculum”.

“Teachers should know this work doesn’t have to be about police going into schools to talk to students; it can be done by specially trained teachers,” he said. “In some schools - in areas affected by extremism - it will lead to tougher discussions, but this is an important part of the engagement process. If there are no serious arguments, it won’t have had much impact.”' 

Tweet from @cardiffalumni

Lecturer Michael Davidson

Deeply sad news. RIP Mathematics Lecturer Michael Davidson who has died aged 68.

From the obituary:

"Michael was a highly respected member of staff, who was popular not only with his peers but also with the student population.  Indeed, his dedication to the needs of students was exemplary – students were always foremost in his thoughts.  He came across as a kind and gentle person, who was always careful to act in a fair but firm manner in difficult situations."

Tweet from @cardiffalumni

Award winning cancer therapy

'Congratulations to Professor Malcolm Mason (School of Medicine) winner of scientific award for pioneering prostate cancer therapy'

From the article:

"Prof Malcolm Mason was recognised for his research in combining radiotherapy and hormone therapy.

He thanked 1,025 men, mostly from the UK and Canada, who took part in a trial over 10 years. It showed the combined treatment significantly improved survival rates.

In recognition of his work, Prof Mason, the head of Cardiff University's Institute of Cancer and Genetics at the School of Medicine was presented with the William Farr Medal at a dinner in London on Thursday."

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Class of 1965 History

Class of 1965 Reunion - History

"For the past 15 years, members of the History honours course who graduated in 1965 have been meeting up in Cardiff. We are still in touch with 15 people from the original 21, but in anticipation of the 50th anniversary of our graduation we are keen to see if we can trace any of the remaining six."

Are you from the History class of 1965? Please contact Gwenda Halford (nee Davies) or Helen Shipley (nee Irving) via

Gangnam style - Cardiff style

Have a few minutes?

Watch this great vocal arrangement & performance of Gangnam Style by Cardiff University students

Watch online

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Question - exams


The first thing I did after finishing exams at Cardiff was _____

What did you do after exam season? Join in the conversation on Facebook.  So far it seems to be crying, sleeping, drinking, going for a long walk, and having parties with friends (but not necessarily in that order!)  

Post from Cardiff Alumni Facebook Page

Question - favourite pub?

"The pub or café I loved most on campus was ______"

Read more online

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New - Instagram

New photos from CardiffAlumni:

Join us on Instagram for candid shots of Cardiff city and campus.

Our username is @CardiffAlumni and you can tag us in photos you would like us to share (or use the hashtag #cardiffalumni for our attention).

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News - Alumnus Michael Reed

Reed makes Uni years count

When Michael Reed arrived at Cardiff University to study maths in 2008, he had no intention of becoming a cricketer. Nearly five years on he is a potent county seamer in the mould of Steve Harmison.

Continue reading on England and Wales Cricket Board Website


News - Prof. Christopher Norris

Poetry reading: The Cardinal's Dog

Philosopher and literary theorist Professor Christopher Norris will be reading from his latest book, his first book of poetry.

Upstairs Bar, 10 Feet Tall, 12 Church Street, Cardiff city centre: Wednesday 8th May 2013, Doors open at 7.00, readings from 7.30. Entry is free and all are welcome!

Professor Norris is a world-renowned philosopher and literary theorist. He has published thirty books. This is his first book of verse.


Question - making friends?

Question: Is it easy to make friends at Cardiff?

Give your answer and read other replies on the Facebook page.

Post from Cardiff Alumni Facebook Page

News - Alumnus Larkin Cen

Cardiff Law graduate, Larkin Cen is one of two amateur chefs from Cardiff hoping for culinary glory after making it to the last four of the MasterChef contest on BBC One

Read more


Research - Alumna Lindsay Murch

Question: Did you take a "non-trad" graduate job?

, Cardiff alumna and now PhD researcher , wants to hear about your career.

Tweet from @cardiffalumni

Question - what's your advice?

Question: What's the best piece of advice you've ever been given? #CUadvice

Read the answers we've been given on LinkedIn and Facebook so far.

Tweet back with #CUAdvice @CardiffAlumni, or join in the discussion on Facebook or LinkedIn


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Question - Traherne Hall

Question - Why was Traherne Hall demolished?

We're still mystified. Can you help?

Read more online

Call out - Cardiff in India

Calling alumni in India

New Cardiff in India Facebook group for alumni - if you live or work in India, please join and invite others too!

Join the group online

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Call out - be our friend on Facebook

Make a new friend this Valentines Day!

We've been asked for this a few times now, so we're happy to announce our new profile as one way of connecting with fellow Cardiff alumni on Facebook.

It's run by our Comms Officer Katharine, and you can be our first 'friends' by adding us today. Happy Valentines Day everyone!

Send a friend request

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Question - what's good about Cardiff?

Question - What did you love (or appreciate) most about your time at Cardiff University? 

Read the replies online, or if you are a graduate you can join the discussion exclusively on LinkedIn

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Post from LinkedIn Group

Question - why do you love Cardiff?
01/02/2013 Why do you #LoveCardiff?

Our competition had lots of entries. Here are the 3 winners, picked at random - read more through the link below!

"Because I came to Wales as an English Boy to study and became a Welsh Man with a family"

"Even after 10 years since graduating it always feels like home and still makes me smile"

"In sunshine, rain or snow it's always a beautiful city full of amazing, friendly people! :-)"

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Message - Happy Valentines Day

HappyWelshValentinesDay2013Happy Valentines Day

"Dydd Santes Dwynwen Hapus ... Happy St Dwynwen's Day (the Welsh version of St. Valentines Day, celebrated every January 25th) from the Cardiff Network"

Click for larger image. Post from Cardiff Alumni Facebook Page

News - Alumnus Michael Brown

Meet Cardiff alumnus Michael Brown, the Police Inspector who blogs as the MentalHealthCop in his spare time.

He started the blog after observing people with mental health issues in custody. It has since won the respect and readership of over 7,000 followers, as well as numerous awards including the Mind 2012 Digital Media Award. Brilliant stuff!

Read more online 

Click for larger image. Post from Cardiff Alumni Facebook Page

Question - about your graduation

Question: What do you remember about graduation?

We asked you what you remembered about Graduation, and what advice you would offer new graduates.

Read answers

Question - tour of Cardiff

Question - What would you do in a tour of Cardiff?

"Catch up with life on campus where the Libraries and Students' Union are fondly remembered by most graduates. Top it off with a drink at the Woodville Pub and grab a kebab at Aladdin's..."

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