Your Gifts in Action

Since 2006 over 2000 alumni and friends of the University have made donations to the Cardiff Fund which have had an immediate impact on the lives of current and future generations of our students and researchers.

Here are just a few examples of how your gifts are changing lives.

Scholarship and Bursaries Fund - Helping with fees

Bryony Purdue (BA, Music and French) was awarded a scholarship through the Cardiff FundScholarship // Bryony Purdue small

Bryony wanted to study at Cardiff University because it offered her the opportunity to do a joint-honours degree in Music and French. She was selected for the scholarship by her course tutors based on her academic record, and was surprised to hear the news: "I thought you must have the wrong person," she admitted, "but I was so excited! It's going to make the world of difference and help to fund my fees."

She is passionate about her subjects, saying that she enjoys "the best of both worlds", and while she has only just finished her first year at University, she is already looking forward to doing an MSc in Music: "It's inspirational studying at Cardiff, the resources are incredible and I just can't wait to use the skills I'm being taught outside of the classroom.



Travel and Study Fund – providing life changing opportunitiesTravel Scholar // Kyle


Kyle Grant, Astrobiological research and astronaut training

Kyle Grant, BSc Microbiology, won a highly competitive nine-month internship in the NASA Space Life Science Lab at Kennedy Space Centre, Florida, to undertake research and preliminary astronaut training, and the Cardiff Fund is helping with travel and subsistence.

Kyle's research is at the forefront of Astrobiology and will focus on the effect of microbiology on the human body during long space flights. He has won government grants and a small bursary already, but would not have been able to go on without the support of the Cardiff Fund.



Student Opportunities Fund- enhancing the student experience


Making music

The Cardiff Brass Band Society regularly performs concerns throughout the city of Cardiff and beyond, playing at events, to community groups and at University events such as the annual Service of Remembrance.  However, the band have had one empty seat for quite some time – that of the third Tenor Horn.  Tenor Horns are quite expensive, but integral to a fully functioning brass band, but way beyond the budgets of most students, so with the help of the Student Opportunities Fund, the Cardiff Brass Band Society will be pleasing community audiences for many years to come – with a third Tenor Horn.  Timothy West, President of the Cardiff Brass Band Society said “Thank you so much to the alumni who support the Student Opportunities Fund, our new Tenor Horn will last the Society, and those students who are part of the band for many, many years to come”.

Developing solutions to world problems

The Cardiff University Model United Nations Society is a platform for students that aims to educate members about civics, effective communication, globalisation and multilateral diplomacy.   Through debate and discussion, both with each other, and other Model UN societies around the world students try and develop solutions to world problems.  On St David’s Day 2014, the Cardiff University Model UN Society is hosting a three-day international conference with student delegates from around the world travelling to Cardiff.  Many of these students could well become the diplomats of the future – trying to solve the most pressing issues concerning the world.  The Student Opportunities Fund will be helping provide conference materials and support for this group of talented and committed students who are committed to trying to make the world we all live in a better, and safer place.


Thank You/ Diolch

Each year we send our donors a copy of Diolch, which illustrates the impact of your gifts. 


Diolch 2013:

Diolch Spring 2013

Our annual donor giving magazine.

THANK YOU to everyone who has donated to Cardiff University.

You have helped:
- Students with scholarships and travel bursaries
- Researchers with funding for vital research
- And the University with your support in general.

Thank you once again - enjoy the magazine.

Download Diolch 2013 

Diolch 2012:

Diolch 2012


p.2 Cardiff in Numbers
p.4 Solve: Research at Cardiff University
p.6 Educate: Scholarships and Bursaries
p.10 Encourage: Placement and Travel Awards
p.14 Transform: Facilities at Cardiff
p.18 Remember: in memory of Cardiff

Download Diolch (Spring 2012)