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The Cardiff University Magazine contains a variety of articles, news and information. The magazine is sent out twice a year and goes to our alumni and friends; at the moment it reaches over 130,000 people across the globe. We welcome submissions regarding alumni achievements and University distinctions - get in touch with Sarah Price (Editor) at

We also send out a monthly eNewsletter, Cardiff Connect, and a regular donor newsletter, Diolch.

Spring 2014:


The theme for this issue of the Cardiff University Magazine is Building for the Future.

Page 10. The rise of online education - Massive Open Online Courses have taken off in a big way

Page 14. The new Hadyn Ellis Building - The rejuvenation of Maindy Campus starts here

Page 18. Imaging technology - Cardiff's brain scanning equipment is unique in Europe

Page 20. Talking business - The Business School's new postgraduate centre

Page 22. Enter the dragon - The University's links with China are vital for the future

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Diolch 2014:


Cardiff University's annual donor giving magazine.

THANK YOU to everyone who has donated to Cardiff University.

In this latest issue of Diolch, you can read about:
- Our new Hadyn Ellis Building
- Ground-breaking research being carried out at Cardiff University
- Student Alumni Awards 2013-14

Thank you to all our donors for your continued support of the University.

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Diolch 2013:

Diolch Spring 2013

Our annual donor giving magazine.

THANK YOU to everyone who has donated to Cardiff University.

You have helped:
- Students with scholarships and travel bursaries
- Researchers with funding for vital research
- And the University with your support in general.

Thank you once again - enjoy the magazine.

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Summer 2013:

Cardiff Magazine Summer 2013

10 - Time abroad during study
14 - Accelerating change
16 - The University's real world impact
20 - Talking the beat
22 - Learning the lore of the land
24 - Shaping public policy in Wales
25 - A literary twist in this issue's alumni roll call

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Winter 2012:

Cardiff Magazine Summer 2012

p.4 News: Cardiff in the top 20; Satisfied students; New academic structure; Anthrax research
p.8 Development: the University's links with business and alumni
p.24 Network: From circumventing the globe in a tuk-tuk to building homes from old shipping containers
p.30 First person: Dr Graham March, Pharmaceutical Pioneer p.10 The future's bright: Cardiff PhD students outline their groundbreaking research
p.14 Giving postgrads the edge: Attracting the world's sharpest researchers
p.17 The knowledge network: Linking academia and organisations representing multicultural Wales
p.18 A laboratory for the humanities: Cardiff’s stock as a centre for research excellence has risen with a new collection of 14,000 rare books p.21 Breakthrough thinking: Radical developments in the treatment of breast cancer and IVF

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Summer 2012:

Cardiff Magazine Summer 2012

p.24 Network Alumni share their roles in the Olympics, from PR to umpiring
p.30 First person: The BBC's Olympic head Louisa Fyans talks about her time at Cardiff
p.10 Supporting endeavour: Discover how universities are backing Olympic athletes
p.14 Stadium city: Is the iconic Millennium Stadium good value for locals?
p.16 Mind games: Philosophy and sport - what links these unlikely bedfellows?
p.17 Flex appeal: Student physiotherapists keep visiting Olympians fit in an award-winning collaboration
p.18 Crowd control: Monitoring the movement of sports fans through computer modelling technology
p.20 Stronger together: Why the University’s business partnerships are a great deal for both parties
p.23 Mastering the mother tongue: Why football coach Chris Coleman is learning Welsh

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Diolch - Thank you

Diolch 2012


p.2 Cardiff in Numbers
p.4 Solve: Research at Cardiff University
p.6 Educate: Scholarships and Bursaries
p.10 Encourage: Placement and Travel Awards
p.14 Transform: Facilities at Cardiff
p.18 Remember: in memory of Cardiff

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Winter 2011:

Cardiff Magazine Winter 2011

p.4 The latest news from Cardiff University
p.10 The changing face of higher education: A new report reveals the latest trends in Higher Education
p.13 Getting the sums right: Money expert Martin Lewis alleviates concerns about higher education tuition fees
p.16 Making a difference: How research at Cardiff has an impact on the world around us
p.20 Great expectations: Students' expectations are increasing as tuition fees rise, but Cardiff is responding with better and more extensive support
p.22 Foreign exchange: News about the University's increasing links with international students, with a focus on the Middle East
p.23 Back to the classroom: A scheme at the University's school of Welsh is set to help many teaching practitioners improve their Welsh language skills and gain confidence
p.24 Network: Keep in touch with a round-up or alumni news
p.30 First Person: Paul Davies, environmental lawyer

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Summer 2011:

Cardiff Magazine Summer 2011

p.4 The latest news from Cardiff University
p.10 Kids' news on the block: Revealing findings on how children react to news stories in the media
p.12 The birth of reason: A study on whether or not stress affects couples having fertility treatment
p.15 Reality bites: Researching the best dental treatment available to help children in disadvantaged areas of Wales
p.16 Out of harm's way: Research into how to better differentiate between accidental and abusive injuries to children
p.18 Child's play: A look at why visual defects are so prevalent in Down's syndrome children
p.20 Neighbourhood watch: An investigation into the best way to look after children in the community
p.22 Family ties: As parental child abduction is on the increase, researchers aim to help foster better practices
p.23 Are you sitting comfortably? Children's literature in Wales is alive and kicking, and thought-provoking
p.24 Network: Keep in touch with a round-up of alumni news
p.30 First Person: Christopher Asprou, travel industry entrepreneur

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Winter 2010:

Cardiff Magazine Winter 2010

p.4 The latest news from Cardiff University
p.10 Route to recovery: Cardiff researchers assess the economic prospects for Wales as it emerges from the crisis
p.12 Foundations for success: A look at the groundbreaking approach of Cardiff's three new University Research Institutes
p.15 What's in a name? A new map reveals how people interact with their environment
p.16 A world of opporunity: How Cardiff helps graduates to succeed in a changing job market
p.18 The remains of the day: Why the discovery of a complex of Roman buildings in Caerleon is transforming our view of history
p.20 The information revolution: The media industry is changing rapidly. Can Wales keep up?
p.22 Reaching higher: This year, Cardiff has attracted record levels of research income
p.23 In tune with technololgy: A digital project is bringing rare Welsh ballads to a wide audience.
p.24 Network: a round-up of alumni activities and events
p.30 First Person: General Sir David Richards, Chief of the Defence Staff

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Spring 2008:

Cardiff Magazine Spring 2008

p.4 The latest news from Cardiff University
p.8 Investing in the future: Cardiff Development News Update
p.10 How Cardiff changes lives: Celebrating the University's achievements over the past 125 years
p.14 Divide and Conquer: How the latest genetic techniques are being used to fight cancer
p.21 A stellar partnership: Cardiff's many collaborations with US institutions
p.24 Saving lives: A vaccination project in the Gambia is set to reduce cervical cancer deaths
p.26 Cymraeg: Welsh in the broadcasting industry
p.28 Network: Round-up of alumni activities and events
p.34 First Person: Matthew Hebburn, Partner at Allen & Overy

Download the Cardiff Magazine (Spring 2008)

Winter 2008:

Cardiff Magazine Winter 2008

p.4 The latest news from Cardiff University
p.10 Costing the earth: How emerging economies need to balance their growth with their environmental impact
p.12 The search for sustainable energy: How several Cardiff University schools are working to find new sources of energy
p.16 Hard times: The psychological impact that the credit crunch is having on UK consumers
p.19 The zero carbon challenge: Cardiff researchers are leading the development of zero-carbon buildings
p.22 Wake up to logistics: How everyday products get from A to B
p.24 Off the road: Finding sustainable alternatives to commuting by car
p.26 Cymraeg: Welsh hero Owain Glyndwr and his portrayal in popular culture over the centuries
p.28 Network: Round-up of alumni activities and events
p.34 First Person: a group of alumni who developed a lifelong bond at Cardiff University

Download the Cardiff Magazine (Winter 2008)

Winter 2007:

Cardiff Magazine Winter 2007

p.4 The latest news from Cardiff Univesity
p.8 Designs that heal: A better architectural model for healthcare
p.12 Creative conflict: Cardiff graduate Alan Johnston reflects on his hostage experience
p.14 Action on health: How our researchers are tackling the biggest health issues of the day
p.18 Where the world meets: Student views on the international foundation programme
p.20 Whistle by you work: Despite a big culture shift, the work/life balance is still a challenge
p.22 Cymraeg: Nurturing the passion for Welsh
p.24 When life hangs in the balance: How to encourage organ donation
p.26 Today and beyond: Cardiff development news update
p.28 Network: A round-up of alumni activities and events
p.34 First Person: Sue Hemming, Head of CPS Counter Terrorism

Download the Cardiff Magazine (Winter 2007)

Spring 2007:

Cardiff Magazine Spring 2007

p.4 Updates on Cardiff Activities
p.8 Where it all begins: Four very different business start-up experiences
p.12 The return of philanthropy: Good news about the increasing popularity of giving
p.16 Degrees of influence: How the UK economy benefits from universities
p.20 Cymraeg: Ailddarganfod y mabinogion, perl o drysorfa lenyddol cymru
p.22 The economic power of bioscience: Surprising links between Cardiff scientists and alpaca wool
p.24 Bestriding its generation: How Cardiff is working with the economic giant that is China
p.27 Can money buy happiness? How the Roman view of material wealth compares to ours.
p.28 Network: Catching up with Cardiff alumni
p.34 First Person: Terry Smith, Chief Executive of Collins Stewart

Download the Cardiff Magazine (Spring 2007)

Spring 2006:

Cardiff Magazine Spring 2006

p.4 Spectrum: New Welsh presence in Brussels - Is milk making you ill? - Genetic history in the making
p.10 Focus: What do we really know about the universe? - The science of sound
p.13 Cymraeg: The man from Minnesota comes to Cardiff
p.14 Upload: Cardiff celebrates 10 years of business innovation
p.18 Cover Story: From organised crime to identifying human remains, Cardiff University is on the case
p.22 Scope: A lasting legacy - The power of interdisciplinary research - The fight for a healthy nation
p.26 Cardiff Update: The new National Assembly for Wales building opens its doors
p.27 Network: - David Else’s lonely planet guide - Sporting success for James Taylor - On the bedside table
p.34 First Person: Egg's CEO Mark Nancarrow offers his tips for the top

Download the Cardiff Magazine (Spring 2006)

Winter 2006:

Cardiff Magazine Spring 2006


p.4 SPECTRUM Swimming with lemon sharks. Counting giant pandas. Can dieting make you fat?
p.10 FOCUS: Cardiff researchers uncover the link between depression in parents and their children.
p.12 UPLOAD: Cardiff’s Charlie Archer teams with Smith & Nephew to make joint pain a thing of the past
p.14 COVER STORY: Professor Robert Mansel’s revolutionary cancer treatment and how it can drastically reduce the consequences of biopsies.
p.17 CYMRAEG: Cardiff’s School of Social Sciences examines what it really means to be Welsh for children.
p.18 PROFILE: How a Cardiff professor helped revolutionise disease diagnosis.The knockout gene and how it could lead to cures for diabetes and Parkinson’s.
p.20 SCOPE: 15 years at the forefront of wound healing. Cardiff’s futuristic sports village.
p.24 NETWORK: Business success for laptop gurus. Lucy Clarke’s Sex, Wax and Vodka Jelly. Cardiff alumnus set to race around the world.
p.30 FIRST PERSON: Founder of Penn Pharmaceuticals Sir Roger Jones, OBE, discusses his love of Wales.

Download the Cardiff Magazine (Winter 2006)

Winter 2005:

Cardiff Magazine Winter 2005

p.4 SPECTRUM: - The price of education - Confusing consumers - Mysteries of the deep
p.10 FOCUS: Everyone’s a winner! A talk with Cardiff’s gambling offspring
p.13 CARDIFF UPDATE: Casting an eye over the highlights of Cardiff's centenary year
p.14 UPLOAD: - How does your garden grow? - Brush up for cosmetic business
p.18 COVER STORY: Paradise regained: Understanding multiculturalism is the key to Britain’s social harmony
p.22 SCOPE: - Understanding the common cold - Small is beautiful in cancer fight - Where are we with human rights?
p.26 CYMRAEG: How Welsh survived on the pampas
p.27 NETWORK: - Scientist with the X factor - Queue for the toilet revolution - On Julia Thomas's bedside table
p.34 FIRST PERSON: The legacy man: Minister for Higher Education Bill Rammell talks about David Brent and his time in office - if not The Office!

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