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Alumni Mentoring and Placement Project

We are piloting a new initiative with the Cardiff University Careers & Employability Service to provide more students with paid work placements and mentoring from the wider Cardiff University alumni network.

The AMP Project (Alumni Mentoring & Placements) will initially benefit students through relevant work experience, and alumni through the wealth of student talent available for them to choose from.

Professionally organised and managed by staff in the Careers & Employability Service, students and employers will be supported throughout the placement and mentoring processes.

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... It's not too late to take part in the Pilot!

You might have had an email originally asking you about this in March 2013: it introduced the concept as well as our Mentor Guidelines and Student Statement of Commitment.

Since then, we have successfully matched over 50 students with alumni, but we still have students who remain unmatched. It all depends on what kind of help graduates can offer and what kind of help students need. If you are interested in helping and want to learn more, please send a copy of your CV to

Your CV is not shared with the students, but it helps us to see what roles you have had, what sector you work in and how you may be able to help a student. We can then look to see if any of the unmatched students would be a suitable mentee for you. If you don't have a CV, then an email outlining your experience, your current role and sector and what help you think you would be able to give a student would be great.

Alternatively, please fill in the form below and we'll get back to you as soon as possible - thank you.

What's in it for you?

This is your chance to plug in to the best student talent at Cardiff.

You can add value to your company and help a student to develop relevant skills for your industry.

Work placements offer unique professional development opportunities for future Cardiff graduates, but they help you to find new talent and perspectives too - you might just find your next star employee here at Cardiff.

Don't miss this opportunity - please tell your employer or register your interest here.

Any questions?

Work placements - frequently asked questions

Cardiff Alumni Mentoring - read the Mentor Guidelines and Student Statement of Commitment.

Professional service

Once you provide a job description for an internship, we will assess your needs and oversee the entire recruitment process, letting you choose the final candidate.

Register your interest

Please register your interest through the online form below. 

A full information pack and application form will be emailed to you directly.

Contact us directly at


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