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Frequently asked questions

How can I check if something is from the Cardiff Network?

We currently post out two magazines a year (Cardiff Magazine), a regular e-newsletter (Cardiff Connect), and a thank-you newsletter for donors (Diolch). We occasionally send out event invitations and reminders, and run telephone campaigns.  You might receive messages or magazines from your school too. If you ever get a message or phone call and you are concerned about its veracity, please contact us directly

How can I subscribe or update my details?

You can subscribe by emailing us at, explaining what you would like to receive. You can update your details by email or by logging in and updating your details online.

How can I unsubscribe from mailings?

You can opt out of any or all communications by filling in the form above and explaining your preferences, or by emailing us at

How can I remove my contact details?

Before we can remove contact details from our records, we will need you to send a request in writing to the Data Officer at There are some details we cannot remove from your former student record, but we will always do what we can, and the Data Officer will advise you about this.

How long will it take?

In some instances it might take a couple of working weeks for your preferences to take effect (for example, if mailing data has already been given to a mailing house for the magazine) but we will always work to update your details as soon as possible.