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The Eurasian Otter ('Lutra lutra')

Living at the top of the aquatic food chain, the otter is a key indicator of the health of aquatic systems. Otters are also a charismatic species that can be used to drive conservation initiatives, however, due to their elusive nature, live-monitoring is extremely difficult.

The Otter Project has been carrying out post mortem examinations on otters found dead in England and Wales since 1994.   The project examines about 200 animals a year of which approximately 80% of the otters received are killed on the road.

The Otter Project is now seeking financial donations, whether small or large, to put to immediate use on the project.

Gifts will give researchers the means to work on vital research in a diverse array of fields including health, genetics, toxicology, parasitology, chemical communication and diet.

Meanwhile, they will be using location mapping of road traffic casualty hotspots to guide mitigation work on roads to reduce otter road kills.

The project is led by Dr Elizabeth Chadwick and you can see new and up-to-date information about the project at


Please give a donation today to help save the otters

Otter Project Team
Team Otter led by Dr Chadwick (centre)
  • £10 will fund the screening of one otter for parasites
  • £30 will fund the delivery of one otter carcass to the Otter Project
  • £100 will fund the the screening of otter livers for contaminants
  • £250 will fund one otter post mortem examination and associated reporting

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